Babes of MMA are dedicated to the beautiful women of mixed martial arts (MMA)! Promoting and supporting MMA ring girls, MMA models and Women’s MMA. Get all the latest news, pictures, videos and more at and via our social media pages. Don’t forget to check out our store, grab some gear and show off your tough and sexy side with Babes of MMA tank tops, t-shirts, booty shorts, thongs and more.

What started as a hobby is now a prominent force supporting the ladies of MMA. Babes of MMA originally evolved from another MMA website that was created while the founder was in between jobs. This creation was not originally a planned idea or business idea but more or less started up as something fun to do as a hobby. When this idea was created in December 2009 we had no idea it would become our calling. As time progressed and we started meeting some of the ring girls, models and female fighters we soon realized we were becoming a small part of this crazy world of MMA. In our time promoting the ladies of MMA we have seen the rise of ring card girls becoming household names and Women’s MMA growing from the small local promotions all the way up to the big leagues with promotions like Invicta Fighting Championships and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Spending time with these incredible ladies gives you an appreciation of their dedication and if we can give back by promoting these ladies and make our mark on this sport then we have accomplished our mission. We help the ladies of MMA in many different ways including exposure via features on our website, sharing content on our vast social media network, photo shoots, event promotion and fighter sponsorships. We have helped numerous ladies find ring carding and modeling opportunities including magazine and website features, win live and internet based contests, find fights and secure new sponsorships for fighters and more!

If it wasn’t for the amazing ladies of MMA none of this would be possible and this creation would not exist. Thank you to all the amazing friends, fans and ladies of MMA we have met along our journey.